Naga Chaturthi Pooja procedure in Tamil

நாக சதுர்த்தி பூசை ( in Tamil )


The video above is from my YouTube channel and it gives the Puja procedure in Tamil and has English subtitles

What do we offer for Naga Deivam

pepper, channa dhal, rice flour
a paste made from rice flour, jaggery, ghee
another ball made from white sesame and jaggery
Puffed rice, milk with a drop of ghee is also offered as also water

Apply turmeric only to Naga
Cotton vastra decorated with turmeric is offered
For flowers, jasmine is preferred

First offer milk and water twice , then clean the Nagas
Offer other offerings mentioned above
Perform pooja
Naivedyam include mangoes and coconut
Perform aarthi, offer camphot

After Pooja children are asked to offer milk to Naga and pray for the welfare of their brothers and sisters

Elders pray for the welfare of the children.

Watch the video and celebrate the festival

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