Jathi malli poo kattuvathu eppadi

Jadhi malli poo kattuvathu eppadi | Type of Jasmine | Mogra

This method is for getting a thick garland .  I regularly purchase from Koyembedu flower market before going to any temple and tie them at home at night listening to devotional songs.  It gives a lot of satisfaction and mental peace.  I purchase for Rs.100 approximately depending upon the price .  I get 12 to 15 muzham ( as we say in Tamil ).  The garland is long enough to adorn God and Goddess deities in a temple

This flower when tied as buds looks beautiful and when it blooms looks even more beautiful


The top images after blooming and the bottom as buds


I tie(string ) the flowers in pairs to get a thick garland
Tie(string ) the first set at the  top and bottom at the centre of the string


Place a pair of flowers with the stalks on  the bottom of the string as shown


This gives a close up view

Take the string around the flowers

and bring it to the top on the right hand side

This image gives a top view

The string goes round the flowers , another view


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