Iruvatchi flower garland

Iruvatchi ( இருவாட்சி மலர்  ) in Tamil is a type of jasmine that is popular in Trichy and Srirangam.  A very beautiful variety of flower.

 I got some flowers and immediately made a garland. 

 I offer these garlands to the pictures of Gods in our Pooja room or offer them to any temple I visit.

That is quite frequent by God's grace.

I am sharing easy rangoli through images in this blog.  Occasionally I share flower decorations , recipes, Puja related posts also.

This is one of them. 


Tie two flowers one at the top and one at the bottom at approximately the centre of the thread .  Tie two knots 


Place the next flower such that the stalk rests on the thread below

Bring the thread around the stalk and the string at the bottom


Place the next flower with stalk on the string below


Take the thread around to hold the flower

These two images give a top view of  tying the flowers


Traditional method of tying flowers through images 


This is a type of mallige ( Kannada ) or mallepuvvu ( Telugu )


We can offer for Navratri,  Varalakshmi Vratham these garlands.  The Pooja room will look beautiful and divine with such type of garlands.

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