Special Diwali rangoli designs , colourful

Diwali - a special festival for celebration with colourful rangoli of different types. 

 Diwali is a time when we have beautiful, colourful rangoli designs some drawn free hand or with pen. 

 I have tried a basic rangoli for Diwali 2015. using a rangoli pen.

 Of course we can draw simple sanskar bharathi rangoli also with rangoli pen.  I will try . 

 The images below show the stages through various steps this simple special Diwali rangoli design.

Regimentation suppresses creativity - my husband says always ( he learnt it from my father !)

So occasionally ( it should not be the norm ) we should try some different rangoli designs.  

The steps for this rangoli are quite simple .



Simple rangoli pen design


Diwali rangoli designs innovative , creative

This is the latest rangoli added to this gallery of colourful and innovative rangoli for Diwali decoration ideas.  The theme I have used is the padi kolam of Tamil Nadu.  I have made some changes to make this theme suitable for Diwali where we have beautifully colorful rangoli designs displayed for the festival.

The images below show a number of steps in this simple rangoli.  Start with a square base , fill with pink colour.  Place green bullets on the four sides.  Press with finger all the bullets.  This is the idea for creating finger rangoli designs.  Again using bullets and finger draw floral patterns inside.
Next I have used yellow to draw on all four sides honeycomb or bee hive like patterns .  Since it is a small rangoli I have used 4,3,2,1 .  The bigger the rangoli more patterns  can be drawn.  Then I have placed orange dots inside each pattern because orange and yellow combination is very attractive.  Finally some free hand designs on the four corners to complete the simple rangoli that is made awesome by the combination of colours and innovative ideas in creation.


                                                Square rangoli designs for Diwali with patterns on four sides 

Colourful rangoli designs for Diwali - through images 
This rangoli is drawn by a unique method of drawing rangoli.  Instead of drawing circles and filling with colours, as we do in Sanskar Bharti rangoli designs in this rangoli the method used is - draw circles with rangoli of different colour simultaneously increasing the thickness so that we get patterns as shown 

Further steps show marking of floral petals using a cotton bud.  The next image shows the expansion of the rangoli with freehand designs around the multi colour circle.  The next images give us an idea how to proceed further to make a colourful rangoli for Diwali 


Circle rangoli small in progress


small round rangoli designs


round rangoli design for Diwali - Sanskar Bharthi type

The picture below gives the steps for a semi circular rangoli design , a white rangoli design.  I have stopped at this stage we can add colours at the base or inside according to our imagination.


Another idea for colourful rangoli designs for Diwali using the traditional method of drawing rangoli is shown in the images below through steps.  I have drawn two colourful lines green and red simultaneously .  If it is difficult we draw them separately.  The rest of the patterns or motifs are that are commonly found in rangoli designs particularly sanskar bharthi rangoli.


Circle rangoli kolam 


Colourful rangoli designs for Diwali with diyas

Through very simple rangoli designs using simple patterns it is possible to bring out the festive spirit of Diwali .I have tried a simple free hand rangoli design on which diyas or placed.  It uses a number of star shaped patterns.  The photos below show the steps for this beautiful rangoli.


                                                  Without chukki rangoli with deepa designs 


                                     Traditional creative rangoli for Dipavali , Dhanteras


 Fill the rangoli with colours and place diyas to make the rangoli very beautiful for Diwali


Another Diwali rangoli design that some what similar to the rangoli above.
Draw the star pattern at the centre and then draw four parallel lines at each edge as shown.  Then develop the rangoli  to get a simple Diwali rangoli design with diya patterns.  I have added just one colour.  We can add more colours or have different colours for each diya to make it suitable  for the special festival of lights.


Traditional rangoli kolam through steps 


Simple Innovative rangoli designs for Diwali - with finger

Patterns can also be made using our fingers - this is a quick and easy method of making a rangoli design.  For festivals like Diwali this idea can be tried if we would like try a rangoli design for the first time.
Place the pink rangoli and using the index finger push outside to form eight petals and then fill with white rangoli to get a pink flower.

Next place indigo or blue colour ( pink and blue combine well ). on eight sides and push each outward to get four floral petals


Easy quick rangoli 


Next push the blue rangoli inwards on four sides to get a clover like pattern as shown in the image.  then using yellow rangoli form more designs as shown.

Finally add pink rangoli again in the gaps between yellow as shown.  An easy method for rangoli making if we draw rangoli for the first time.


Simple Innovative rangoli designs for Diwali - using cotton buds

Place generous quantity of rangoli powder ( I have used contrasting colour combinations - indigo , green , yellow , pink and white ) and using a cotton bud make simple  patterns.  First at the centre a floral type of pattern is made. 

 Then yellow lines are extended in  all directions and leaf patterns are formed.  Between two yellow leaf patterns draw green lines and form green leaf patterns ( I have chosen yellow and green because they are the most commonly occurring leaf colours , of course yellow  is not as common as green ) .  

Now using pink rangoli powder and cotton bud form petals to get rose flowers to represent roses .  At the base  of the green leaf place yellow dots and at the base of yellow leaves place green dots.  Finally using white rangoli  powder form swastik patterns ( to represent a Diwali rangoli design ). 

 Our easy and  quick Diwali rangoli is ready.   Light lamps at the centre and around the periphery to enhance the beauty.  


Easy and fast rangoli design


This, I think will rank among the fastest rangoli design  (s) that can be drawn.

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