Rangoli designs for Ugadi festival

A collection of small and simple traditional line rangoli designs with lines for Ugadi festival  decoration



Drawing lotus patterns in a padi kolam or geethala muggu goes well and only adds to the beauty and is congruous with the ambiance of festival or function celebration.


Usually I draw to a pair of diagonals inside the small square at the centre but in a few designs
I use some different patterns as in this rangoli


Only lines by themselves make a rangoli beautiful because they may appear intriguing like a puzzle , the addition of motifs and other patterns only makes the rangoli more beautiful to look  at.

Both the kolam though traditional make use of bullets that are pressed with finger to flatten them into dots.  This technique is used in modern day rangoli designs but it is actually a very old idea that we learnt from our mother.


Instead of leaving the curved lines plain , drawing a border will make them  even more attractive.


Placing dots in the square and inside the lines of the square on all four sides is an easy trick to make the rangoli more beautiful.

Traditional lines muggulu for Ugadi 







While we can have various types of any festival , the padi kolam or rangoli with lines is popular for all festivals.  So a collection of rangoli designs with lines for Ugadi festival also called geethala muggulu in Telugu.  The images are quite self explanatory due to the number of photos or pics showing the steps in drawing the procedure.  So anyone who has basic or some knowledge of making traditional rangoli designs with lines should find the steps easy to follow.  If you have any problem are queries please let me know through the comments section,  I will try my best to help you out.

The most common combination of lines used in padi kolam is 2, 4 and 5.  There is one school of thought that feels that only even number of lines are used.  They are correct , except for the fact we in our family use 5 quite often for festivals along with 2 and 4.  We do not use any other combination.  Like most traditional and old rangoli designs a kaavi border is used for decorating these special kolam drawn for festivals.  

Along with Ugadi these rangoli can be drawn for other festivals like Tamil New Year , Navratri, Varalakshmi Vratham and Sankranti.

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