Deepam muggulu chupinchandi

Karthika Deepam muggulu | Deepam muggulu for Diwali
Star muggu with deepam designs
Draw the star design with two triangles then add triangles as shown

Two more triangles inside as shown in the next two images
Add deepam jyothi and colour them with yellow and orange and our festival muggu is ready.
Sankranthi muggulu with lines and Deepam
This design I created as a Sankranti or Karthika month special.  It is almost a geethala muggu.
We can add minimum colours to create an awesome design
Deepam muggu with lines rangoli can be used as a theme for Sukravaram muggulu
Like most rangoli in this website this muggu was created by me.  I do not remember when . Some ideas I share immediately, others I have in my note books ( they are many ) to share later 
Sometimes I wait for appropriate festivals like Diwali , Sankranthi to share the muggulu ideas

Easy Deepam muggulu for Diwali with 8 by 8 dots 
With the lines connecting the dots on all four sides as shown we can get a beautiful and simple muggu for our festival celebration

Try these types of  Deepam muggulu with dots for Deepavali or Makar Sankranti.
Easy deepam muggu with 5 by 5 dots 
It is a very easy design for our daily use of for festivals if we are looking for a small rangoli

In this connection , a common question - deepam in which direction - it is preferable that the jyoti faces East or West directions.
Small n easy 5 dots deepam muggu
A simple deepa chukki rangoli - book mark it for your daily purpose designs.

 Though it is very small , two steps given so that it will be useful for beginners .  Small is beautiful as they say so small muggu are definitely awesome.
Simple 7 to 4 deepam muggu for Sankranthi , Karthiga , Deepavali
A simple and quick rangoli that can be drawn with ease. 
This post may be of  help if you are seeking info on Deepavali deepam rangoli or deepada rangoli 

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