Chutney recipes for dosa idli pongal

Onion tomato chutney

  • Roast one table spoons gram dhal and a few red chillies in little oil
  • Cut onion and tomato into slices.  For one tomato take two onions
  • Take 3-4 table spoons oil in a vaanali ( vessel ) and fry the onion
  • Onion need not be chopped into fine pieces.  However the smaller they are the easier it is to fry
  • Once onions are partially fried add the tomatoes and fry
  • We can add a pinch of turmeric powder and it is optional
  • Add salt according to your requirement
  • When the tomatoes are also cooked / fried remove and allow them to cool
  • Then grind the tomato , onion, gram dhal and red chillies mixture in a grinder 
  • Saute with mustard and urad dhall
  • Serve as a side dish for idly and dosa
  • The advantage of this chutney it is simple, easy to make . 
  •  Since the ingredients are very few it can be prepared very quick. 
  •  The flavour of the chutney is from the onion tomato combination and proportion.
  • The advantage of this chutney is that the taste is very good







Tomato chutney without garlic or onion | no onion no garlic recipe

Some do not like the flavour of onion and garlic .  There are also some people who avoid onion and garlic during festivals  like Varalakshmi Vratham, Navratri or  when they perform Vrat.

I have used local tomatoes and diced them into small pieces so that it is easy to cook.


Take urad dhal - 2 teaspoons , few dried red chillies , asafoetida ( hing or perungayam ) and roast in a little  oil  .  Remove them and allow them to cool.


Meanwhile , add the tomatoes to the vessel after adding oil and cook them.  Add a little turmeric  powder and salt


Once they are cool , transfer the dhal  , chillies and tomatoes to a mixer and grind into a fine paste


Saute with mustard and urad dhal.    If you want flavour of asafoetida add some more.  Tomato chutney for idli , dosa side dish


Pudina coconut and onion chutney

  • Take a small onion and chop into small pieces
  • Fry the onion pieces with a little oil
  • Take four table spoons of grated coconut and one table spoon of fried gram dhall
  • I have used a few pudina ( mint ) leaves and green chillies 
  • ( These are from my garden and so they are organic vegetables !)
  • I have not added tamarind because I squeeze half a slice of lemon in the chutney
  • Add salt according to your requirement
  • After the onion cools , grind all the ingredients in a mixer
  • Saute with mustard, urad dhal and a few curry leaves 
  • It is an easy and tasty side dish for idly, dosai and pongal 





Pudina thokku | Mint thokku recipe in Tamil

This is one of the most tasty side dishes that can be prepared.  Mint by itself gives a beautiful flavour to any recipe we prepare.  I have added a video in Tamil on how to prepare this recipe.  This video is in Tamil and is from my YouTube channel - Rangolisansdots that has lots of rangoli , some recipes and crafts

Coconut gram dhal chutney | Thengai pottu kadalai chutney


  • For one half part coconut ( grated ) and  fried gram dhal  .  Fried Gram dhal is half of the quantity of coconut
  • Green chillies , three to four according to your taste
  • Tamarind a small ball size of an amla , instead of tamarind we can squeeze a lemon also
  • Salt according to your requirement
  • Asafoetida is also sprinkled on the mixture
  • To enhance the taste we can add two garlic cloves or two to three shallots 
  • Now add this to a mixer and wet grind
  • Saute with mustard , urad dhal and curry leaves and add to the ground mixture

Kadalai paruppu thengai  thogayal 

  • This is common side dish with gram dhal and grated coconut
  • This may not qualify as a side dish for idli or dosa , we may use it little diluted though
  • The ingredients  are two table spoons gram dhal, few red chillies , half tea spoon mustard and asafoetida for flavour
  • Add a little oil in a vessel ( vanali ) and roast them till the dhal turns golden brown
  • Add four table spoons grated coconut
  • Add salt as required
  • After the roasted ingredients cool , add water and grind in a mixer
  • This is actually a side dish for white rice 
  • I prepare it for dinner sometimes when sambar and rasam have been used 
  • ( probably the children liked them very much that day and that is quite rare as we all know !)





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