Rangoli designs - 15 dots

Rangoli designs above 15 dots may ( can ) be classified under an intermediate category, they are neither small nor are they very big.  They can be  drawn for festivals like Margazhi, Ugadi or at the entrance of kalyana mantap ( wedding hall ) .  One such design below.  It is with a 15 dot to 8 dot grid ( The dots are idukku pulli type - meaning that after a row of dots is placed the next one is placed between the previous row of dots and below ( or above ).  Consequently, the number of dots reduce by one in each row - 15, 14, 13, 12 till 8 dots in this case.  This colourful rangoli is a floral rangoli design ( as usual ).


The plain and white rangoli.  White rangoli designs are beautiful in their own way and are widely used in Tamil Nadu, daily.  In the rangoli with colours I have chosen to hide the ribs drawn on the floral patterns by adding the colours.  We can also add the ribs again after filling the colours. White rangoli designs are under the label white rangoli

This image represents an intermediate stage of the rangoli design after drawing the 7 floral patterns.  The design at the centre and the patterns connecting the dots between the inner designs and the outer flowers are drawn.


The image below shows the dot grid for reference . The distance between the dots can be chosen according to our convenience depending on the space and time available.  The more the distance the larger will the rangoli below and hence occupy more space and will take more time to complete and  add colours.. The image on the right shows an intermediate stage of the rangoli after completing the 7 floral designs. More rangoli designs are in rangoli designs with dots

The image below is a zentangle drawn by my school going daughter for her school project. She wanted me to add this and other art ideas done by her in Rangoli-sans-dots.  Accordingly, whenever I upload her art ideas I will give due credit to her.


Gift ideas using rangoli designs

Apart from the fact rangoli designs are drawn to welcome guests ( and of course insects and birds when drawn with rice flour ) they can ( and are being used ) for decorations on gifts.  One of the most common uses are on plates particularly for festivals like Karva Chauth, Diwali and Navratri when rangoli designs are ( or can be ) drawn on metal or thermocol plates to decorate and to gift.  They are drawn on metal plates when offerings are placed and for aarthi plates during Navratri festival. Rangoli designs  can be drawn on thermocol or wooden plates when used as gifts.  Of course, when we purchase a blank plate and decorate with a rangoli design and gift it  the sentimental value the receiver attaches to it is more than what it usually has when we purchase and gift a ready made plate. So, the result, a thermocol plate decorated with three D glitters or outliner as they are called with a free hand rangoli design.  It starts with the now common pattern in Rangoli-sans-dots at the centre that radiates ( beauty and)  some more patterns from the centre towards the rim of the plate . Some simple rangoli designs that can be used for decorating are in  rangoli for decoration


The next image shows some free hand flowers, floral bud (!) and leaf patterns drawn using three D glitter ( or out liners ) as they are called.  Draw as you would in the case of a free hand rangoli design. I have added the words " Best Wishes" making it suitable for any occasion including wedding anniversaries, gifts for festivals  and other special occasions.  This is a very simple design. We can fill the entire plate with designs to make it more attractive.   We can use double-sided tape that has adhesive on both sides and hang on the wall or any other surface.

This video shows how a rangoli design in drawn on a thermocole plate using a  OHP / CD or glass marker. The rangoli design similar to some of the floral designs drawn in Rangoli-sans-dots.  It has a floral petal design with  a lotus pattern on the outer side of each petal.