Special Diwali rangoli designs , colourful

Diwali - a special festival for celebration with colourful rangoli of different types.  Some of the types shared for Diwali 2015.

Colourful rangoli designs for Diwali - through images 

This rangoli is drawn by a unique method of drawing rangoli.  Instead of drawing circles and filling with colours, as we do in Sanskar Bharti rangoli designs in this rangoli the method used is - draw circles with rangoli of different colour simultaneously increasing the thickness so that we get patterns as shown in first image.  The second image shows marking of floral petals using a cotton bud.  The next image shows the expansion of the rangoli with freehand designs around the multi colour circle.  The next images give us an idea how to proceed further to make a colourful rangoli for Diwali 




Floating rangoli for Diwali using foamsheet

Foamsheet is an easy craft option to create and make rangoli for Diwali.  They are available in many colours.  Three is also the glitter foam sheet that has been used in this craft project for making Diwali rangolis.

Materials required

a) Glitter foam sheet
b) Template
c) kundan stones
d) Haf pearls
f) glue ( that becomes transparent after drying )
g) A pair of scissors

First a template is made ready with cardboard or the shape can be drawn directly on the foam sheet using a pencil..  Using a pair of scissors the shapes of the rangoli element are cut. Then using glue kundan stones and half pearls are stuck to get a pattern on the rangoli central designs and outer designs.   The pictures below demonstrate the steps.





Rearrangeable kundan rangoli designs for Diwali

Since  in the craft project steps shown above the elements are formed separately it is possible to arrange or re-arrange them to get different shapes of kundan rangoli designs.






 Floating rangoli or rangoli on water for Diwali

Since foam sheet is lighter than water it easy to make it float on water.  Only problem we may face is arranging all the elements of the rangoli on water because they tend to move away!   After placing the vessel filled with water we have to wait for the water to become still to place the rangoli.  



Colourful round rangoli design for Diwali - Sanskar Bharthi type

Another idea for colourful rangoli designs for Diwali using the traditional method of drawing rangoli is shown in the images below through steps.  I have drawn two colourful lines green and red simultaneously .  If it is difficult we draw them separately.  The rest of the patterns or motifs are that are commonly found in rangoli designs particularly sanskar bharthi rangoli.








Colourful rangoli designs for Diwali with diyas

Through very simple rangoli designs using simple patterns it is possible to bring out the festive spirit of Diwali .I have tried a simple free hand rangoli design on which diyas or placed.  It uses a number of star shaped patterns.  The photos below show the steps for this beautiful rangoli.





 Fill the rangoli with colours and place diyas to make the rangoli very beautiful for Diwali


Patterns can also be made using our fingers - this is a quick and easy method of making a rangoli design.  For festivals like Diwali this idea can be tried if we would like try a rangoli design for the first time.
Place the pink rangoli and using the index finger push outside to form eight petals and then fill with white rangoli to get a pink flower.

Next place indigo or blue colour ( pink and blue combine well ). on eight sides and push each outward to get four floral petals


Next push the blue rangoli inwards on four sides to get a clover like pattern as shown in the image.  then using yellow rangoli form more designs as shown.


Finally add pink rangoli again in the gaps between yellow as shown.  An easy method for rangoli making if we draw rangoli for the first time.