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 Rangolisansdots - a name chosen by me that literally means Rangoli without dots.  No collection of rangoli or kolam can be complete without rangoli with dots.  So there are as many dot rangoli designs as there are without dots.

Welcome ! I am Sudha Balaji, from Omalur near Salem, Tamil Nadu.  After completing my education in Sri Sarada College for Women in Salem I moved to Chennai.  .  

Rangoli or kolam as it is called in Tamil Nadu is drawn by thousands of women, daily.  Like many women of India I learnt this art from my mother. 

Freehand rangoli is an art  by itself.  I  share my little knowledge in the art of drawing rangoli  with you. Almost all freehand rangoli in Rangoli-sans-dots  are drawn spontaneously.  They are drawn with a mixture of rangoli ( powder ) -(commercially available stone powder ) and rice flour so will be naturalistic.  

Though I started  with freehand rangoli, I have also ventured into rangoli with dots and arisi maavu kolams in the kolam / rangoli category, later, into arts and crafts in general. Aarti plate decoration is important for festivals like Navaratri. Some ideas are in Navaratri aarti plates. Some simple plate art ideas for gifts, wedding or festivals  are in Plate art ideas

I  share my even littler knowledge in cooking vegetarian dishes particularly for festivals

Diya or lamps designs are quite widely used in rangoli and are also called deepam kolam in Tamil. Lamp designs are quite popular during festivals like Diwali and Karthigai Deepam ( in Tamil Nadu ).  Lamps are have religious and spiritual significance and are also considered to be auspicious.  Naturally these patterns are  congruous with rangoli designs and hence used. There are quite a few rangoli designs with lamps as theme in Rangoli-sans-dots.  Some of the diya based rangoli without dots are in Diwali diva rangoli

Aishwarya kolam.Of the auspicious kolam designs Aishwarya Kolam or patra rangoli and Hridaya kamalam are considered to be auspicious and are usually drawn on Fridays.. While  kolam  or muggulu as my mother used to say, I learnt from her , Aishwarya kolam , I learnt from my mother-in-law

I also learnt  Telugu aarthi songs and Marathi songs from her. Here is an aarthi for Friday, Varalakshmi Vratham


 Lotus is one of the most preferred floral designs in rangoli.  Some of these designs are available     in  Rangolisansdots

 Some simple sikku kolam designs including with two colours and two lines are in  simple sikku kolam 

Some of the festivals I celebrate include Varalakshmi Puja, Tulsi Vivah and Ganesh Puja.

How I celebrate these festivals - Varalakshmi Vratham  Tulsi Vivah and other festivals are shared in Rangolisansdots

I have a YouTube channel almost exclusively for rangoli . It is called Rangolisansdots too. It is quite popular in its niche.  A few videos have been declared as "Official " videos of YouTube for some time. The most important video among them is Aishwarya kolam.

 Also visit my kolam video channel Rangolisansdots for hundreds of  kolam designs most of them simple.

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The fact that the content in Rangolisansdots has been popular shows the interest in this beautiful art form of India and only encourages me to add more content.  Happy viewing and thank you for your encouragement and feed back.  

If you would like to leave your feedback including constructive criticism or contact me on any information related to Rangoli sans dots  contact 

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Sudha Balaji

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