How to remove whole corn kernels fromcob

How to remove corn from cob without cutting | How to remove corn kernels

This is an easy kitchen tip that is regularly done by women in the traditional way.  Without using a machine we can remove the corn kernels as the seeds are called. 

First remove the husk 

There are different layers of varying thickness the inner most being almost transparent ! Nature's creation at its best !

Remove the silk from the corn


Next remove the shank portion of the corn cob


Using the thumb and fore finger remove two adjacent kernels and proceed upward to produce a gap

This weakens the other kernels on either side and we can remove them very easily


Repeat the process i.e removing two adjacent kernels for the next five or six layers


Using this method the whole corn kernel is removed


What is left is only the chaff


There are some very good recipes using the corn kernels.  I will share them here.


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