Easy Diwali sweet recipes at home , some dishes

Boondi recipes | Boondi laddu | Boondi ladoo recipe | for Diwali

Probably the most popular among the laddu recipes is the boondi laddu.  It cannot be categorised as an easy laddu recipe along with the rava laddu and moong dhall laddu that involve almost no cooking.  How ever I have tried to make it as simple as possble.  The problems is due to the procedures involved , if we make a mistake at any one step we can not get the correct ladoo.

So I have added a lot of pictures to make the steps clear and to make it as user friendly as a video.

The traditional and authentic boondhi laddu is ready for eating during the Diwali festival celebration.

The ingredients are one measure gram dhal flour , two measures sugar , cashew nuts , cloves , raisins, saffron powder for colour

For one measure gram dhal flour two measures of sugar are used.  Some use one and half measures of sugar

First the sugar syrup or sakkarai pagu is prepared by heating sugar and water in a vessel

The pagu is ready

Take one measure of gram dhal flour or kadalai maavu and prepare the boondi batter


 I do not use artificial colour .  I avoid it.  Instead I use saffron powder which gives an excellent and naturalistic color for the laddu though it is a bit expensive.  Since we are going to use only a pinch I think it is worth it.

The batter or maavu should be at the consistency we have for making bajjis

 Meanwhile  on the stove the sugar syrup is ready


 The pagu should be  sticky and it is the right padham .  This can be tested by taking it and testing with the fingers  as shown in the image.


Remove the pagu or syrup from the stove and have it ready for the fried boondis !  We can add pachai karpuram at this step

 Take oil in a vessel or kadai and using a ladle called boondi karandi pour the boondi batter and tap gently so that the drops fall in the oil.  If the batter is of the right consistency we will get spherical or near spherical boondi drops.

The boondis when dropped in a vessel give a some what metallic sound .  This is an indication that the frying is proper.

 Soak the boondi in sugar syrup .

Add fried cashew nuts, cloves and raisins to the loose boondhi


Using the right hand make round or spherical shaped laddus .  The boondi should be pressed hard so that they all  hold  together otherwise they may fall apart easily either when  making the laddu or when  kept in a plate.  Press and rotate at the same time to make the laddu for Diwali recipes ( This laddu is for Diwali 2016 )




Deepavali sweets recipe dishes at home

 In the photo below a sweet called Ganga Jamuna ( Don't ask me how it got the name )

Prepare a dough with chiroti rava .  Add a pinch of salt and mix with water , make the dough and wait for two hours.  If chiroti rava is not available we can use ordinary rava after dry grinding it in a mixer.

Mix rice flour in ghee so that it forms a semi-solid glue This is used to stick the rolled dough


After rolling the dough into circular shapes as we do for chappati or poori.  Place three pieces one above the other applying the rice flour ghee glue in between.  Roll the dough as shown in the fourth image applying the rice flour ghee combination on the folds too.  Now cut the rolled dough into three pieces and roll one piece again.  If we have used three pieces we get a three layered chappati.  


I have rolled into a small triangular shape, fry in oil on medium flame.  Give sufficient time for the entire sweet to get fried.  Soak it in a sugar syrup and serve.

The sugar syrup is prepared using the following proportion

For two measures of rava and one measure of sugar in two measures of water and heat for 10 minutes.  The viscosity at the end of 10-12 minutes is the required consistency for the syrup



Soft mysore pak / mysore pauk recipe for Diwali sweets

Take one measure gram dhal flour ( kadalai maavu ) , two measures sugar and two measures ghee
In a vessel take sugar and add the gram dhal flour and heat 
Add a little water to help the sugar  to dissolve
Sugar also gives out water which helps this process
Stir continuously so that pieces of gram dhal flour are not left 
While stirring continuously add the two measures of ghee, little by little
The mixture of kadalai maavu , sugar and ghee will form a semi solid mass
Keep stirring till this semi solid dough does not stick to the vessel
Mean while apply ghee on a flat plate and when the dough is ready pour on the plate
Shake well so that the mysore pauk dough spreads evenly through out the plate.
Allow it to cool for some time , and cut horizontally and vertically to get pieces
Break one mysore pauk to check , it should break softly to get perfect recipe
Try for Diwali recipes 2016.












Two laddu recipes with almost no cooking

These two ladoo recipes involve very little use of the gas stove , only for roasting some of the ingredents.  So they may qualify as Diwali recipes with no cooking involved.  Naturally , they can be made in double quick time .  In these days when time is a premium particularly for working women, these simple  easy recipes for Diwali made at home may give them a lot of mental satisfication. The idea is unlike the days of old when Deepavali bakshanam was made at home , either by the ladies of the home ( it was easy also because there were many joint families ) or a cook was arranged exclusively for making the bakshanam, these sweets and savouries are available in many sweet shops. So if we cannot prepare all the recipes , we can purchase most from a sweet and savoury shop and if possible try to prepare one or two at home depending upon our convenience.

Diwali recipes - South Indian - rava laddu - rava ladoo - with dry coconut , ghee

This is a different type of rava laddu , the Tanjore Marathi style , that we prepare of Rama Navami Naivedyam without milk  or condensed milk.

  • For one measure rava take 1/4 measure maida , 3/4 powdered sugar ( confectioner's sugar ) or burra sakkarai , dessicated  coconut or kopparai one table  spoon , some cashew nuts and caradamom powder

  • Add ghee to a vessel and fry the rava till it turns  golden brown in  colour.
  • Then roast the maida in the vessel with little ghee and keep  them aside.
  • To the powdered sugar add generous  amount of  ghee and  mix well till the mixture becomes like cream.
  • After the rava and  maida or cooled completely add them to this mixture
  • Add cashew nuts fried in ghee and cardamom powder ,  Mix all well till they are  thoroughly mixed.
  • Then form the laddu ball by pressing to get as near a sphere as possible.
  • Rava laddu is ready to be served for Diwali for the family and guests.  
  • It is a good evening snack  also.

Rava laddu step by step pictures






Moong dhal ladoo | Pasi paruppu laddu | Pasi paruppu urundai for Diwali

  • Take required quantity of moong dhal , dry roast in a vessel till it turns golden brown in colour.
  • The raw smell of the dhal should be completely removed by the roasting.
  • Then make it into a fine powder with a mixer or blender.  We have what is called "machine" colloquially , in Indian cities and towns for making fine powder of grains.
  • Finely powdered sugar called bura sakkarai or sugar .  This can be powdered in our mixer.
  • For one measure moong dhal  flour , take three fourths measure of powdered sugar.
  • Add a little cardamom powder , fry cashew nuts broken into small pieces in ghee
  • Add both to the mixture of dhal flour and sugar powder.
  • All the ingredients should be mixed well for some time so that they blend well.
  • Then take two or three table  spoons of ghee , heat on a stove 
  • Add the liquid ghee  to the flour , sugar mixture in a circular path , all around
  • Then mix well again all the ingredients so that we get a dough like mixture .
  • Make spherical shapes out of the dough using the hands to get the laddu ready for serving.
  • This can be used as an evening snack for kids also.

Moong dhal ladoo step by step pictures








Diwali marundhu or lehiyam

After eating a lot of sweets and savories during Deepavali  - that are prepared at home, that we get from our neighbours, friends and relatives there is a tradition of taking something called Deepavali marundhu for aiding digestion.

The simplest combination which I prepare is to one measure dry ginger add 3/4 measure jaggery .  Add ghee and mix well .  Due to the presence of jaggery and ghee we can form spheres that can be taken after the festival