Some simple kolam designs

kolam designs

This post will have a pot-pourri of  kolam designs, kolam without dots(kolam-sans-dots), using single line, and those that can be drawn with dots and free hand that may be useful particularly for Margazhi kolams (There are many such designs that belong to this category particularly when the number of dots is less than 15 ).

Probably some of the designs can be tried on sarees, salwar sets, kurtas and blouses with fabric painting too.

kolam-design-6.jpgContinuing our discussion on parallel lines rangoli, the image below shows a simple version of a parallel lines kolam design drawn with two different colours which though rare is now quite common in many posts of Rangoli-sans-dots.  Holding the rangoli powder and drawing the colours needs some practice.  A video of mine is available on YouTube on this subject.This is actually a basic version of a rangoli that I have drawn for Republic Day. I added a white line between the orange and green lines to make it suitable for the occasion. 

simple kolam with simple designs                           

The rangoli above is a very colourful rangoli using swastik as the base.  Draw a swastik first and another one overlapping the first one to get eight arms of two swastiks.  Expand along the arms with simple designs on each arm to draw the rangoli.  Colour all the arms brown ( any colour can be used.  The designs at the top of the arms are filled with bright colours like orange, yellow and green.  I have used each colour for opposite arms.  A single colour that matches with brown can also be used to get the final design.  Place some dots along the extended arms.  The design can be stopped here or can be further enhanced by filling the gaps with some motifs and drawing borders around the rangoli.  The options are infinite.  Also the entire background can be filled with a suitable bright colour.  Swastik is regularly used in rangolis.

rangoli-25-e.jpg    Now, for a change a rangoli with only white lines but using the theme swastik.  The swastik design at the centre has two overlapping patterns.  The rangoli grows or expands from this.  The arms of the swastik extend further to form a beautiful pattern at the centre.  The curved lines at the centre between the arms add to the attractiveness of the design.  Floral patterns are drawn around as shown and the entire design is covered with a single line border.  The plain and white rangoli is as attractive as a colourful one.


   .The next rangoli design a free hand type with a simple pattern at the centre with four petal like formations.  Some floral motifs are drawn on the outside with curved lines between.  Colourful lines are added at the centre and on the floral designs and curved lines to complete this simple free hand design. This may be suitable for first timers or learners of rangoli who are looking for simple designs.

A free hand rangoli with arms radiating from the centre..  Draw a circle at the centre from that draw curved arms radiating from the circle.  I have drawn eight arms.  Enhance the image with more curved arms encircling the rangoli.  Fill the outside with grey rangoli  .  The inner arms are filled with red and light green colours as shown.  Four arms have a major portion filled with red and the other four have a major portion filled with green.  Finish the rangoli by adding more patterns with white kolam powder.  
Another simple rangoli design in the image below.  Adding a few colours enhances the appearance of the rangoli not that it is not attractive when it is left white and plain



The rangoli above is a simple floral design with motifs of my choice.  The central floral design is drawn and petals of different shapes are used in red, green and pink colours to expand the rangoli.  The gaps between the petals are filled with free hand designs as shown.  The entire rangoli is filled with colours and further decorated with simple straight lines, white in colour and dots to get an entirely different effect on the rangoli.

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  1. Awesome ...
    I just love all the freehand designs...especially the second and third with blue/orange/white color combination. And your description adds more value to the people like us visiting your site

    1. Thanks Devi for the appreciation. I love to draw parallel line rangoli. Have you visited my YouTube Channel Rangolisansdots ?

  2. Sudha.. I just had a visit to your channel and they are splendid. A suggestion from my end - You could also add the youTube channel link on this website(just like G+)..

    Keep up doing this Art work.

    1. Thanks Devi. I will do it. It was there earlier. I removed it due to some restrictions

  3. Your Rangoli's are awesome and unique mam.. Such a nice blog.. Good work mam..