Some simple kolam designs

kolam designs

This post will have a pot-pourri of  kolam designs, kolam without dots(kolam-sans-dots), using single line, two parallel lines, kolam with dots, and those that can be drawn with dots and free hand that may be useful particularly for Margazhi kolams (There are many such designs that belong to this category particularly when the number of dots is less than 15 ).

kolam design free hand floral pattern

This kolam design  a very colourful and hence beautiful free hand design that has been added for joyfully celebrated festivals like Navratri and Diwali.  It is a kolam design with flowers as a theme and obviously flowers have to be very colourful. However I have taken the liberty of adding different colours to the petals.  From the image, the central floral kolam with pink and green petals is surrounded by another flower with orange petals.  The outer side is decorated with petal or leaf like designs decorated with spiral patterns and colourful lines on the top.  Between these two is a simple border with a mixture of orange , pink and purple colours to get the colour that is somewhat close to purple. A colourful free hand kolam design with floral petals.    
kolam-design-3.jpgkolam-design-2.jpgThe next  two designs are free hand and drawn with parallel lines . The first one has a rhombus like pattern drawn at the centre.  From the four edges we have four petals and between any two petals another floral petal pattern.  The entire kolam is surrounded by a simple kolam border with many small circular patterns and four spiral patterns as shown.  Just two colours brown and blue are used in this kolam. The  kolam below is one those that was regularly drawn by my mother. A very simple kolam that can be drawn very quickly.  It has petals on four sides and also in the gaps between any two of them.  The outer edge of each petal has some simple designs, symmetrical.  Again only two colours blue and brown have been added to get this beautiful kolam. Many free hand kolam designs are there Margazhi kolam designs
kolam with rose buds
kolam-design-4.jpgThe kolam on the right has rose as a theme.  A simple design that can be drawn free hand or using a 5 by 5 dot template.  Draw the square (or rhombus). Use the dots inside to get the floral petals and the stalks of the roses.  Use the dots outside (there will be three ) to get the leaf designs and around the remaining dot draw the roses to get this rose kolam design. Finally add some simple motifs with white rangoli powder.                                                



 The next one on the top is also a rose kolam design but with the dot pattern 6 by 6.  Rose buds have been drawn. Start from one corner, draw the stalk and the leaves and finally complete the rose buds.  Red rose buds have been drawn in this kolam design.     The images in black and white show the kolam at the beginning and at an intermediate stage before addition of colours.  This may give an idea as to how to proceed with this kolam.
Parallel line kolam with colours can be found in Dasara kolam 
Black and white kolam with two parallel lines are in double line kolam

kolam-design-6.jpgContinuing our discussion on parallel lines rangoli, the image below shows a simple version of a parallel lines kolam design drawn with two different colours which though rare is now quite common in many posts of Rangoli-sans-dots.  Holding the rangoli powder and drawing the colours needs some practice.  A video of mine is available on YouTube on this subject.This is actually a basic version of a rangoli that I have drawn for Republic Day. I added a white line between the orange and green lines to make it suitable for the occasion.  It is available in Rangoli for Republic Day. Some more designs of this category are in Diwali rangoli and Sikku kolam or knotted rangoli

kolam-design-7.jpg In this series of Kolam ( rangoli ) designs all have been colourful ones and hence this one in black and white.  It is quite a simple one expanded from a few intersecting lines.  Of course it will look more attractive with colours and that is in .....    So what is the best kolam design for a festival or occasion.  Kolam means beauty so there is no design than can be termed as the best.  All kolam designs are equally good, one better than the other!     These designs can also be practised or used for the auspicious month of Purattasi as Purattasi kolam.                          

         Festival - Jeyshta Gowri Pooja

It invariably is celebrated during the month of Bhadrapada ( which falls during August - September and so it is in this post for August ) on the seventh day after new moon. Two bronze pots one bigger than the other are used  for the festival.  The pots are decorated with sandal paste and turmeric  ( To get an idea as to how to decorate pots are to place face of Goddess on a pot please go to Varalakshmi festival or Tulsi Marriage)
The two pots represent two sisters Jeyshta and Kanishta.  After performing puja haldi (turmeric ) and kumkum (made from turmeric powder ) are distributed. This is also called Jeystha Kanishta Puja and is performed for the welfare of the spouse