Tamil New Year Kolam - colourful designs



The rangoli on the top  is a Tamil New Year special it is a rangoli with dots of 15 to 1 dots pattern (ner pulli kolam) i.e the dots decrease from 15 to1 in odd numbers (15,13,9,7,5,3 and 1).   This design, initially was to be butterflies and flowers combination but I changed it to birds and flowers pattern as I drew it.  The level of difficulty I presume is medium. The two black and white images are two intermediate stages of the 15 dot kolam taken from my video in Rangolisansdots.  They should give an idea of how the kolam is drawn from the dot grid stage.
 After a long time I had a lot of filling up of colors to do but it was worth it, given the festival season - Ugadi, Baisakhi, Tamil New Year, Ramnavami etc. I also tried to add some shades along the perimeter of some of the patterns in this rangoli.  I think overall it is beautiful.. The double line rangoli on the top is drawn first using white rangoli powder The central design is a pattern with curved lines to represent four mangoes. One more overlapping design with double lines is drawn.  Next a double line border is drawn.  The four edges and area between two edges is filled with patterns with single and double line rangolis.  Finally fill the place between the parallel lines with pink and blue coluours.  The border rangoli again using parallel lines and colourful lines in blue and red is drawn with colours and design to match the rangoli at the centre.  For the Tamil New year festival season


Since we live in Tamil Nadu we celebrate  Ugadi or Gudi Padava (our New Year ) and Tamil New Years Day.  Obviously more the festivals more the joy and fun.   This rangoli , has a padi kolam at the centre expanded with free hand floral designs with pink lotuses at the periphery.  Added to this design is a free hand rangoli border and blue lotuses.  The central floral design is filled with rangoli powder on which simple designs in yellow have been added. I have added as many colours as possible to make the rangoli beautiful (!).  I hope it has come out well. 
Free hand rangoli have also been drawn for Karthigai, Diwali  Navaratri and of course Margazhi. Kolam designs with dots are in 7 pulli kolam, rangoli designs with 5 dots  and many other posts.