Rangoli theme - Republic day , Women's Day

New and special rangoli designs for Republic Day / Independence Day kolam theme

This is the latest addition in this theme for Republic Day  and Independence Day for 2014.  It is some what like a Sanskar Bharati rangoli where you have the background filled with rangoli powder of different colours.  I have chosen orange white and green.  I have added a pair of birds in blue.  The birds are flying and so they denote or represent freedom.  A simple rangoli that symbolically represents Independence Day and Republic Day. Birds rangoli designs can also be used for Women's day to represent freedom and liberty for women.

Though this post was originally meant for Republic Day in India I have added rangoli for Independence Day also in this post because the theme is the same.  Though different methods or types of rangoli or possible for these two days I prefer to use the three colours white, orange and green to symbolically represent these very important days in India.  The rangoli below a free hand design with two parallel lines ( I have used them quite a lot ) drawn in white.  The design is as usual a floral design with layers of petals expanding the rangoli from the centre.  On the border some spiral patterns and petals are drawn.  Fill up the design with orange and green choosing the colours to get this  design.

nature-rangoli-4.jpg  This rangoli design is also on the theme nature.  Sprinkle rangoli powder of a suitable colour to get a background suitable for the birds designs drawn on the top.  Draw a number of birds free hand (birds designs can be drawn as shown in this rangoli. There are a few more ways of drawing birds using rangoli powder and I will use them depending upon the theme and occasion.  I have used a combination of white for the birds, orange for the beaks and green for the branches.  The message conveyed is peace and freedom and the combination is colours is for Independence Day and Republic Day - depicting freedom and peace.

After a break after Sankranti, I am back with a free hand rangoli for Republic Day.  I have chosen  three colours orange,  white and green.  The orange and green parallel  lines are drawn first.  They have to be drawn  simultaneously.  If it is difficult they may be drawn separately.  

The central star design is drawn with green and orange lines drawn parallel simultaneously.  Along the star design floral petals are drawn again with the two colours. Above the petals spiral patterns are drawn again with same colours.  Then the white colour is drawn between the green and orange colours.  The rangoli is also decorated with orange, white and green lines and dots as shown. This type of rangoli can be drawn for Independence Day also.
Drawing two parallel lines of the same colour comes with practice.  Drawing two parallel lines of different colours is difficult.  We have to pick the two colours one by one carefully to see that they do not mix when they are picked or when they flow between the fingers for drawing the rangoli. The video showing how to pick two different colours to draw a rangoli has been added in my YouTube channel. The third line is added as shown in the image on the right.  It is easier to draw three parallel lines of the same colour when compared to drawing three lines of different colours - but for our theme on Independence Day or Republic Day we need three colours and so the constraint.

In the rangoli border , one  in a pair shared in free hand rangoli borders , the colours I have used are suitable for celebrations of Independence Day or Republic Day. Any design can be drawn and this border can be drawn around it to signify the celebrations of these two most important days.

Rangoli designs for Women's day theme through birds


The first rangoli is a free hand rangoli design with four birds ( that look like swans swimming in water !).  The base is a square pattern and hence four birds.  Add petal motifs inside and outside.  I have just sprinkled a few colours ( actually sprinkled and not filled up ) to complete this rather simple design

.  The second design is also a free hand design with six birds drawn around a six petal flower.  The gaps between the birds ( drawn upto the neck ) are also filled with pink floral petals.  The centre of the pink flower at the centre has some representations of the stamen of a flower. Two very simple rangoli designs for 
all occasions including Women's Day.


Just like Women's day ,Mothers day is important to me because it was my mother who taught me to draw or make rangoli.  So for this Mothers Day I would like to draw a few in memory of my mother.  

She was an expert in free hand designs and also in drawing big  designs.  When she was young she lived in Vijaya nagaram a small town near Vishakapattinam. Sankranthi also called Pedda Pandaga in Telugu was an important festival for her for rangoli and celebrations.

 I have shared some of her free hand designs  earlier .  Rangolisansdots is popular in its niche and I remember her with pride, gratitude for all she taught me - a simple rangoli for Mothers Day and my mother. I have uploaded a few hundred designs most of them simple, some of them colourful, a few big ones.   Of course, I will continue to add more,   There may be separate posts for rangoli for festivals , themes, beginners in the future too !

This design ( white and in colour ) for Mothers Day and my mother.  Parallel line patterns were her favourite types and she invariably used some of these patterns.  A simple pattern suitable for a much bigger design.
As we are all aware Women's day is celebrated on 8th of March every year. Last year the theme ( of United Nations ) was " Time for action to end violence against women ".  In 2014 the theme is ( Equality for women is progress for all ).  Since I am focussing primarily on rangoli designs I would like to draw some to celebrate this occasion.  The theme I have chosen is birds ( there are already quite a few in Rangoli-sans-dots ). In my opinion birds represent freedom, liberty.  Since Women's Day and liberty have a lot in common, some free hand and rangoli with dots for this special occasion.  This is also a tribute to the thousands of women in India who patiently, draw rangoli designs every day at dawn or in the morning to celebrate events, festivals to welcome guests and to feed ants, insects and birds ( when they are drawn with rice flour )

Rangoli with Independence Day colours also in

Mandala type rangoli
double line kolam

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