Butterfly rangoli designs or butterfly kolam

butterfly-rangoli-2.jpgbutterfly-rangoli-1.jpgRangoli sans dots literally means Rangoli without dots ( in case I have not written earlier ).  However Rangoli-sans-dots will have designs without dots, with dots and a few arts and crafts ideas and my  (in)experience in parenting and relationships.  I will also try some designs that can be drawn with a dot pattern and the same designs free hand.  This image above is a free hand rangoli with three butterflies around a flower.  So far as rangoli designs are concerned I think it not necessary to have the complete pattern and hence some tendrils around the flower to show that it is a creeper.  I have drawn a bigger butterfly with two smaller ones on either side.  This design  cannot be drawn with dots (exact replica ) because of the lack of symmetry.     
Simple Butterfly rangoli without dots
The next rangoli in this series on butterflies in the image above  Again a free hand version with a flower with four petals at the centre.  The white dots in green representing the centre of the flower.  Due to the nature of the rangoli design with long petals I have drawn slim butterflies with elongated bodies.  However filling the colours has ensured that the resulting design is beautiful.                                                    This rangoli on the left is again on this theme - butterfly and is actually an improved version of a rangoli drawn with leaves and flowers in one of the earlier posts.  Here I have added some elements of nature, leaves, flowers and butterflies to get a simple but cute and beautiful rangoli design, drawn free hand of course.    Two steps for this simple pattampoochi kolam ( vannathu poochi and seethakoka chiluka) as it is called in Tamil and Telugu .




         The next rangoli in this series on butterfly rangoli designs.  It is combination of butterflies, flowers and leaves.  First draw the star shape with two inverted triangles.  Between any two sides draw the butterfly designs in blue and yellow ( I am not aware of such a butterfly in nature but give some allowance for my imagination!).  Between two butterflies draw the flowers and leaf patterns and add suitable colours to complete the design. A simple rangoli with nature as theme (butterflies, flowers and leaves are congruous and hence suitable for a theme ) for competitions or for festivals.  Of course it can be developed further from here. if there are no constraints.  This also suitable for Margazhi season when we see many colourful and beautiful kolam designs

No collection of butterfly rangoli designs can be complete without the common butterfly rangoli with 8 by 8 dot grid.  Four butterflies are drawn on four sides with a flower at the centre.  There is another common rangoli with the word WELCOME running vertically and horizontally with the butterflies at the corners.  The two images show the intermediate steps.  It is better to draw the thorax and antennae of the butterfly before drawing the wings.  It is easier that way and one will not get confused. Of course we have to make the final design as colourful as possible also because they are butterflies.

Butterfly dotted rangoli or butterfly kolam with dots for Margazhi and Pongal



Butterfly rangoli design dots
The next rangoli is a butterfly design with six dots.  This has already been shared in Rangoli-sans-dots in another post.  I have drawn it again with different colours and added here as it is also relevant here.  The first step with white rangoli shows the intial stages of the rangoli.

As it is said, we read we forget, when we see we remember and when we do we understand and understand quite well.  For rangolis, for everyone in general and beginners in particular videos  or rangoli in steps would of great help to see, observe and to do.  Hence to view  videos please go to my YouTube Channel.

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