Butterfly rangoli designs or butterfly kolam



Rangoli sans dots literally means Rangoli without dots ( in case I have not written earlier ).  However Rangoli-sans-dots will have designs without dots, with dots and a few arts and crafts ideas and my  (in)experience in parenting and relationships.  I will also try some designs that can be drawn with a dot pattern and the same designs free hand.  This image above is a free hand rangoli with three butterflies around a flower.  So far as rangoli designs are concerned I think it not necessary to have the complete pattern and hence some tendrils around the flower to show that it is a creeper.  I have drawn a bigger butterfly with two smaller ones on either side.  This design  cannot be drawn with dots (exact replica ) because of the lack of symmetry.     

Butterfly rangoli design dots

The next rangoli is a butterfly design with six dots.  This has already been shared in Rangoli-sans-dots in another post.  I have drawn it again with different colours and added here as it is also relevant here.  The first step with white rangoli shows the intial stages of the rangoli.

As it is said, we read we forget, when we see we remember and when we do we understand and understand quite well.  For rangolis, for everyone in general and beginners in particular videos  or rangoli in steps would of great help to see, observe and to do.  Hence to view  videos please go to my YouTube Channel.

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