Simple rangoli images - black, white

black-white-rangoli-1.jpgThere is an increased interest among my friends in rangoli-parallel lines uploaded in August. In deference to their wishes and those who viewed it, some conventional  rangolis are posted here. Some are similar to/or are the achromic version  of some of the rangolis posted earlier/ later.This is a series of  simple free hand rangoli. Hence the designs are quite simple and are without addition of colours.

The rangoli above is drawn with parallel lines.  The central design is drawn with petals as shown.  Then the petals are expanded with curved arms as shown in the image above.  A simple design.  Colour can be added to enhance the image. The next rangoli below is a plain version of a rangoli with colours drawn elsewhere.  The central design is drawn and the floral design is expanded along the four corners.  The edges are provided with a few lines to get this image.
balck-white-rangoli-3.jpgblack-white-rangoli-2.jpgThe next two are plain  or  white versions of rangoli uploaded in Rangoli-sans-dots The design on the right has been posted in Navaratri rangoli design and filled with colours.  There are images  showing the step by step procedure for drawing this design.

    Yet another rangoli image in black and white.  A parallel line design with a floral centre surrounded by motifs in parallel and single lines.                                
black-white-rangoli-4.jpgblack-white-rangoli-5.jpgThe next design is taken at a suitable angle so that we get a view of the rangoli as viewed at eye level ( almost ).  A close up of the rangoli will show the rangoli powder spilling on either side of the lines, patterns and designs.  This gives a very naturalistic appearance to the rangoli deisgn.  The lesser the grains rangoli powder that spill the more proficient we become in drawing rangoli.  There is nothing to beat the beauty of a rangoli drawn with the traditional method of drawing with rangoli powder ( kolam maavu as it is called in Tamil )
There are simple rangolis for beginners in easy rangolis and beginners kolams
For rangoli with dots please go to 5 dots designs, 4 dots designs

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