Rangoli borders free hand designs

rangoli-border-design-1.jpgThe first pair of rangoli borders above are designed liked jewels!.  The first one has two simple rangoli borders with petals in between.  Colours are added and white dots placed to get the final design.  The second one has a floral pattern with a simple border below.  Both can be used around  a bigger rangoli and the second design at the base of a rangoli as we do occasionally.

rangoli-border-design-2.jpgThe second pair of rangoli borders below.  Both are floral designs.  The first one has three flowers one with pink and other two on either side with blue petals.  All have a simple border at the base.  The second border design has a flower with a few petals as shown.  Both can be drawn at the base of a bigger rangoli or around a rangoli when we want to add some motifs.  The first one above can also be drawn as an endless design of alternate pink and blue flowers.

           This is another very simple rangoli border design that can be drawn at the base of bigger designs or on doorways or thresholds of our houses.  It consists of a few floral petals and leaf patterns.  Though it is very simple I have a video of this design in Rangolisansdots , my YouTube channel                                            

Since there is a lot of interest in this type, two sets of borders have been posted above,  in addition  to rangoli borders .   For free hand rangolis in this blog please go to free hand designs,  and Margazhi kolam  designs.  For rangoli with dots go to  kolam designs.                                                        

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