Muggulu borders - free hand

Rangoli borders can be used independently to decorate doorways and places where there is little access or they can be used at the bottom or sides of rangoli

kolam-border-2.jpgkolam-border-1.jpgTwo pairs of  borders have been drawn in this post.  As written in an earlier post these borders can be drawn on doorways, around a bigger rangoli or at the base of a bigger design.  The first border above is suitable for the base of rangoli because of the design.  The central pattern consists of a semicircle, a petal and    some simple free hand designs thought of spontaneously.  It is decorated with white dots and lines.  On either side creeper like designs have been drawn in white.  The second design is a floral design with four petals with leaves, in green colour on either side.  A very simple pattern that can be used to cover a free hand or rangoli with dots.  The third design below has a repetitive pattern of what I would call a floral design. (Though it looks like a foot drawn for some festivals, in that case there are only four digits).  The border is suitable for decorating a bigger rangoli. .  The fourth one looks like a floral and jewel combination with designs on either side for symmetry.  Can be drawn around a rangoli or at the base.

kolam-border-3.jpg  The next rangoli border, can be drawn on either side of a bigger rangoli, a series of floral petal patterns in different colours, surrounded by a suitable double line border, filled with a colour rangoli powder.                                          
The next rangoli border is a free hand thoranam or toran design that is drawn on the top of a rangoli.  It is quite simple with leaf patterns filled with green colour. This design has been used for Ugadi rangoli
I have posted some of this type earlier. Here some more are posted for the Navratri Dussehra rangoli season

To view  more borders  please go to rangoli border designs.

In case you want to view free hand rangolis please go to Diwali rangolis, Margazhi kolam collection.

A video of  shows some of the borders including those in this post I have posted so far in Rangoli-sans-dots is available in my Channel Rangolisansdots.  All are free hand designs, with repetitive or symmetrical patterns as borders usually are.

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