Monday, 29 October 2012

Diya rangoli designs for Diwali

Diya-rangoli-2.jpgDiya-rangoli-1.jpgThe rangoli above, the first diya rangoli for Diwali 2012.  A free hand rangoli true to the name Rangoli-sans-dots.  The star design is drawn at the centre with a single line.  Then one additional line is drawn parallel to the lines in the star to get the image of the star above with two lines.  There are six edges to the star.  On the top of each edge a beautiful and colourful diya is drawn as shown.  The diya is filled with bright colours like red  and green as bright colours are associated with Diwali rangolis.  The wick of the lamp is also filled with red colour.  I use orange, yellow or red colours for the wicks.  The gaps between the lamps is filled with floral motifs with three petals each. Small white lines around the wick improve the image of the diya rangoli.  If required the remaining gaps in the black background can be filled with a rangoli powder of our choice, if we have time to spare.
The second rangoli below is simpler than the first one.  A simple design is drawn at the centre and at the edges diyas are drawn free hand.  The rangoli is filled with pink and green partitions at the centre.  As usual yellow and red colours are used for the diyas.  The earthen lamp are coloured with purple colour for a change instead of the usual brown.  

Diwali is only two weeks away.  Hence I think we can start publishing some rangolis  for Diwali festival.  Diwali is a festival of lights and diyas (deepam) are synonymous with Diwali (Deepavali in Tamil Nadu).
Another festival in  Tamil Nadu that  calls for celebrations similar to  Diwali with crackers and  lighting of lamps is Karthigai Deepam which comes after Diwali (usually within a month).  Let us hope that everyone has a really cracking  Diwali this year.  Diya rangolis are popular during Karthigai and Diwali
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