A rangoli in water / Under water rangoli for Diwali

Drawing a rangoli on water is by itself is not easy - drawing a rangoli in water and making it stay needs some method to be followed.  So I have shown the method through a series of pictures.  The procedure is as follows

a)    Take a stainless steel or porcelain plate or shallow vessel that can hold water.  I have used what we call        thambalam in Tamil.
b)   Wash the plate well and then clean it with a clean and dry cloth.
c)    Spread the oil on the plate evenly and uniformly using the hand so that a thin film of oil is formed on the          plate
d)  Choose the rangoli to be drawn on the plate.  I have chosen what is called kubera kolam drawn with a          dot grid
e)   The  photos from the second to fifth show how the rangoli is drawn using a dot grid.
f)    I have already explained the steps in Rangolisansdots.  However as a recap.  Place eight  dots around a
      central dot so that they are equidistant.  Now draw five lines of decreasing length above two consecutive       dots as shown.  Do this between the outer dots to get eight sets of lines.  Then connect the right edge of          the top line to the top dot on the right and from there go to the right edge of the next line and so on to            get the final kolam / rangoli design.

f)  After completing the rangoli, gently add water from the rim of the plate ( do not pour ) so that the rangoli is covered with water.  Add water till the rangoli is completely covered with water.  Some particles of rangoli are washed away but the rangoli design stays sticking to the thin film of oil !.

Add oil, spread the oil and place the dot grid

 Steps involved in connecting the lines and the dot grid

 Complete the rangoli and add water gently as shown.


 The rangoli goes under water by adding more water from the rim

Diwali is only two weeks away.  Hence I think we can start publishing some rangolis  for Diwali festival.  Diwali is a festival of lights and diyas (deepam) are synonymous with Diwali (Deepavali in Tamil Nadu).
Another festival in  Tamil Nadu that  calls for celebrations similar to  Diwali with crackers and  lighting of lamps is Karthigai Deepam which comes after Diwali (usually within a month).  Let us hope that everyone has a really cracking  Diwali this year.

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