Diwali rangolis - small simple designs without steps

The first rangoli above is floral design with with pink and blue flowers decorated with a white and green border.  This floral motif is regularly used in rangolis. It has a central design formed with overlapping basic patterns as shown.  From eight of the edges so formed leaving the remaining eight due to lack of space, eight flowers with four petals each are formed.  The rangoli is then covered with a single line border.   The flowers are filled with blue and pink colours alternately.  The rangoli border has one more green colour line added parallel to the original border.  
Finally the flowers and the centre are decorated with white rangoli powder to get this free hand rangoli.  If you observe closely, the design formed is flowers inside a flower.  A very different free hand rangoli.

The second rangoli  has a floral design at the centre.  The edges of petals are decorated with circular patterns
Diwali-rangoli-2.jpgthat are further expanded to form the final floral pattern.  Rhombus shaped designs are added on the circumference and the design is filled with colours to complete the rangoli.  The design below is show how by just adding a few patterns with white rangoli powder a rangoli can be further beautified.  In the rangoli below free hand patterns are drawn inside the central flower and the periphery and of course in the circles and outer petals.  See the difference it makes to the rangoli above.  Thus by adding even simple free hand designs the a rangoli can be made more beautiful.

Drawing a line with colours parallel to the base in white without both intersecting needs a lot of concentration. It comes with practice.  I had  my own share of mistakes when I drew intricate  patterns .  I still commit mistakes, only the number has come down.To quote my father-in-law, "We are not perfection personified, but we are not incarnations of imperfection either."A perfect rangoli can be drawn only by a computer.
    Since mehndi designs are also popular particularly during Diwali, I have tried the rangoli pattern above for a mehndi design on an OHP sheet.  Of course, some separate posts for mehndi design that are more intricate can be tried in the future. Mehndi pattern is also called henna tattoo in some countries.

Diwali-rangoli-3.jpgThe rangoli on the left starts with a plus and expands with semi-circular patterns and petal like designs.  It has a simple two line border filed with blue rangoli powder on which red dots are added.  All the four edges have spiral patterns.  The rangoli is filled with different colours yellow, green and blue.  The remaining space that is black can also be filled with some colour of our choice, only thing it is to be done carefully.  The rangoli with colours filled is available in Dusshera rangoli

Diwali-rangoli-4.jpg     The next rangoli in this series of Diwali rangolis or Deepavali kolams is in the image below.  It is also a free hand rangoli design, with some simple patterns at the centre that are expanded as shown and finally the design is encompassed with a border to match the whole pattern.

The central design is made from triangles and some segments of triangles. Along the base of each triangle the design is further expanded on all four sides.  Then a simple border with single line is formed around the rangoli.  Then the design is filled with pink, green, orange and blue colours to obtain the design shown above.  Dots with pink or red rangoli powder are placed to improve the design!.
The next rangoli in this series of Diwali rangolis. A beautiful and symmetrical rangoli that resembles a wheel.  Draw the central triangular patterns coloured in pink and grey.  On the arms draw floral patterns and leaf designs above them.  It is as if the leaf is protecting the floral designs.  Add some simple curved lines with white rangoli powder.  While the leaves appear to be anti-clockwise the white patterns are clockwise to give a unique effect to the rangoli.  This rangoli with more designs added on the colours with white rangoli powder is in   rangoli designs                                         

Diwali-rangoli-6.jpgThe sixth rangoli in the series for Diwali rangolis in the image below.  An improved version of the same rangoli is also available in this blog.  It is a free hand rangoli design as are all the rangolis in this post.  The blue and yellow combination for the central diya pattern and the green and orange combination for the leaf/petal design on the top adds to the attractiveness of the rangoli.

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