Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Some simple kolam designs with lines


This rangoli is can be  drawn with dots.    I have tried  a free hand version.  First draw four straight  lines (we can draw more or less lines according to our convenience),  Then draw four lines perpendicular to this set, again four more perpendicular to the second set.  Finally complete with the pattern with  lines so that a small square is formed at the centre.  Using these straight lines form four petals from each set of lines such that they face four different directions. Fill the square at the centre with pink colour.  Choose the colours for the design ( I have chosen yellow, blue, red and green) so that a colourful design symmetrical in pattern and colours is formed. . When drawn plain it is a very simple and easy rangoli.

easy-rangoli-2.jpgContinuing with simple designs, is the next image below.  It is a very easy method of drawing a butterfly rangoli design with a few intersecting lines.  The rangoli is shown in two stages and the they are self-explanatory.  Instead of butterfly like designs we can have flowers or any other design that we can think of of.  Butterflies inspire us to draw very colourful rangoli.
Some free hand designs using butterflies are in butterfly rangoli 
One design of butterflies with dots is in dot rangoli designs.


easy-rangoli-3.jpg       Yet another design with couple of parallel lines intersecting each other that grows into a simple but attractive rangoli with leaves and flowers is shown in the photo below in two stages.  The final rangoli after adding colours is  in the second stage.  An improved version of this rangoli with four butterflies hovering on the four flowers butterfly rangoli designs

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