Indian Rangoli theme nature - flowers , petals

Rangoli designs theme nature - Floral petals and leaves

nature-rangoli-petals-1.jpgThe theme of this post is nature, naturally(!) because without nature where from will I get my rangoli designs. Under nature this post will be on flowers and petals and more specifically floral  petals and leaf.  The free hand design above has four leaf patterns as the base around which we have floral designs.  Usually many rangoli designs, at least drawn by me have a flower at the centre.  This is to try something different.  Around the four leaves green in colour, we have more leaf patterns between them and above them.  The rangoli is finally decorated with pink petals to complete the design. I have used a combination of blue and green leaf patterns, the central green leaf patterns being the more dominant.  The pink and orange designs represent floral patterns.  Around them at the top are tendril like shapes.  Where ever possible I have added curlicues as they are commonly used by nature too ! It is as if nature challenges us to copy her if we can.  

nature-rangoli-petals-3.jpg.  As usual draw the floral design at the centre first.  along each petal draw another flower.  I have drawn six flowers for eight petals because I though drawing eight flowers may cramp the rangoli for space.  Also I cannot draw any other motif.  Of course we can try with eight petals also.  After the seven flowers are drawn ( one at the centre and the six around it ) fill the remaining gaps with designs of your choice.  I have chosen leaves (one pair and two pairs ) so that it is congruous with the basic floral design.  Now add colours to the flowers.  I have chosen pink, blue and red and of course green for leaves.  Minimise the number of leaves so that rangoli is attractive.  The remaining gaps also can be filled with some colours.  I have stopped at this stage due to lack of time today.  If required draw mid-ribs in  the to get the final design.  Also add some straight lines on the border to enhance the effect of the rangoli. 
In this series of rangoli with petals and leaves in the theme - nature, yet another free hand rangoli designs joins this group.  The rangoli design below, I mean.  Draw the rhombus shape at the centre ( if start with some simple geometric patterns we should not have a starting problem !).  Decorate the four edges with three petal flowers.  Between the flowers the leaves grow out on either side.  The leaves are coloured green and all the pink designs are floral petals!.  Complete the design with a border in pink and white as shown with the lines matching the contours of the designs.  The gaps can also be filled up with a suitable colour to get a more awesome rangoli design.  Some patterns are added at the centre in orange.


The next one is also a free hand design using 4 lotuses.  The floral pattern at the centre is surrounded by four lotuses the stalks of all attached to the design at the centre and the whole design is surrounded by a plain border with leaves.  This is a plain version.  The rangoli  with colours is both free hand and with dots is in Margazhi kolam collection

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