Sankranti Rangavalli designs - free hand rangoli

I understand that rangavalli is the name given to rangoli in classical Telugu.  Though names differ they are all essentially the same, beautiful and colourful designs drawn on the floor, daily and definitely during festival seasons like Diwali, Navratri and Sankranti (in Andhra Pradesh ) and Pongal in Tamil Nadu.  The rose smells as sweet even if it is called by any other name.  So also rangoli designs or rangavalli are all beautiful to see, to draw, to admire.                                         

rangavalli-design-1.jpgThe first rangavalli above in a series of flower and diya designs for the festival season.  Draw the central flower pattern first with eight petals.  On the edge of each petals draw motifs of your choice and fill the motifs also with any further designs as shown.  Fill the central flower with bright colours like pink and the outer designs with red and other colours as shown.  The remaining gaps are filled with yellow.  Make some simple decorations with white and red rangoli powder to get the final design.  After completion the rangavalli will be very attractive.
rangavalli-design-2.jpgThis is the second rangavalli in this series.  It is also a floral design.  Draw the flower with orange petals (of course plain rangoli first) as the base.  Fill with orange colour.  Using white rangoli powder draw a simple rangoli border.  Inside the flower make more designs  and fill with blue, pink and green colours.  Finally draw white lines straight and curved, inside to get the design in the image shown above. The first   one took  some time to complete.  I had  to fill  it with colours of different shades.  Anyway it was worth it.  The second  is not the usual top view but a side view.  (I can not claim to be a professional photographer by any stretch of imagination as you would have observed).  I have reached a hundred rangolis,  but my sights are set higher.  I hope to succeed

rangavalli-design-3.jpgThe next rangavalli below is a diya design.  First the central design is drawn and is then surrounded with four diyas on four sides.  Fill the outline of designs with blue, green and pink colours.  For the lamp use orange colour and white lines to give an enhanced effect.. Diya or lamp designs are used quite a lot for special occasions and festivals like Diwali.  Rangavalli or rangoli drawn the traditional way only give a representative image of what we are trying to draw -birds, lamps, flowers.
The next rangavalli in the image above, is a free hand rangoli design.  Actually it is an improvement of a rangoli design drawn elsewhere.  The rangoli is a very simple floral design however filling up with the various colours takes some time.  This rangoli has the patterns in white rangoli powder inside and on the border (with lines and dots ) added to get this image. In case you want to view this rangoli in the previous stage it is available in muggulu designs

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